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Complete Auto Repair

Campbell Automotive is a family-owned auto repair shop in Stuart that has been fixing customers' vehicles since 2004. Owners Keith & Lindsay Campbell strive to serve customers with honesty, expertise, and unequaled work ethics. Campbell Automotive offers repair services for most foreign import and all American vehicles. We hire professionally trained and certified mechanics and offer a Peace of Mind warranty protection that is honored nationwide on all the vehicles we service and repair.

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Stuart FloridaComplete Auto Repair & Service

Since opening in 2004, our objective has been to grow our business on a foundation of truth & honesty. We believe that when finding an experienced auto mechanic that be can be trusted, that mechanic becomes an asset to an automobile's overall performance. Additionally, having a great mechanic like those employed at Campbell Automotive will assist in preventing costly breakdowns and repairs. At Campbell Automotive, we develop routine maintenance plans for our customers' vehicles, plans that adhere to manufacturer's recommended service schedules and individual driving habits.

Conveniently located at 2815 SE Garden Street in Stuart, Campbell Automotive is a full-service automotive service center that performs factory scheduled maintenance on vehicles, oil changes, wheel alignments, tire rotations, brake inspections, suspension repair, car batteries, and even completely rebuilt transmissions. With decades of cumulative automotive service experience, Campbell Automotive is proud to be the ideal alternative to having a car repaired at a local dealership on Stuart. We stand behind our work with a warranty that is honored across the entire United States should there ever be a problem with a vehicle after being serviced at our repair shop.

Campbell Automotive has been helping owners of both domestic and European vehicles that include BMW, Audi, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Buick experience the next level of vehicle performance. When our specialists open customers' hoods, the return on investment is fully realized. Our service expertise is the greatest asset of our business and the reason our customers have kept returning since we opened our doors in 2004.